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General Surgery
Internal Medicine / Cardiology
General Medicine
Aesthetic medicine
Oral surgery
Dental prothesis
Dr. A. Diaz
Specialist for orthopedics, general surgery and trauma surgery

Conservative orthopedics:
Pain therapy
Arthroscopy and spine treatment
Arthrosis treatment: Cartilaginous cartilage protection (ACP / hyaluronic injection)
Spine and joints acupuncture
Neural therapy ultrasound-controlled in acute and chronic spinal disorders
Plasmatherapy (Self-Blood)
Shockwave therapy
Neurotopic therapy for migraine, rheumatism, intervertebral disc disease, etc.
Joint and spinal check for osteoarthritis
Operative orthopedics and traumatology:
All surgical treatments will be realized in our outpatient clinic or in the  private hospital , Quiron Palmaplanas ` in Palma de Mallorca.
Hand and foot operations: Tendovaginitis stenosans
Dupuytren contractures
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Arthrosis surgery of the joints
Hallux valgus and hammerheads
All type of operations for treatment of bone fractures, tendon and soft tissue injuries as well as inflammation.
Osteosynthesis using plates and screws.

Other areas:
Arthroscopic operations on the knee and shoulder.
Hip and knee joint replacement with a team from Germany and German implants as well as postoperativ round-breeching.

General Surgery:
Weile interventions in acute (pus-blister) inflammation or its consequences (scars), as well as acute injuries (crack, space wounds)
Soft tissue interventions for soft tissue swelling and skin changes.
Proctological and other general surgery wound care

Additional names:
Chirotherapy / Manual medicine / Special accident surgery X-ray diagnosis skeleton / Emergency medicine
Other qualifications: Trauma doctor of professional associations, Certified Foot Surgeon (GFFC), Hand surgery, acupuncture.
Outpatient and inpatient operations

CV / Special features:
Studies in Mainz, Frankfurt, Santiago de Chile and Nairobi / Kenya. Specialist training as surgeon in Bitburg, Hermeskeil and Wiesbaden in Germany  the focus on accident surgery in Wiesbaden / Germany / specialist doctor training as an orthopedic surgeon in Bendorf / Germany. Operational focus in hand, foot and general surgery. Expertise in manual medicine (chirotherapy) and acupuncture.
Extensive experience as an emergency doctor.
Complete conservative spectrum, including special nonoperative spine treatment

BNC - Professional Association of Surgeon Surgeons
DGU - German Society of Trauma Surgery
GFFC - Society for Foot Surgery
IGOST - Interdisciplinary Society for Orthopedic Pain Therapy
VSOU - Association of South German Orthopedists and Trauma Surgeons


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